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Starbucks Slapped With Class Action Suit for Inaccurate Background Check

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Court Tosses ERISA Transgender Bias Claim

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States: DOL Overstepped Authority in Overtime Rule

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SCOTUS Takes Up Offensive Trademarks

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Qualcomm Hit With US Antitrust Suit


U.S. Top Court Rejects Banks Over Libor Antitrust Lawsuits


Bid to Take Down Colorado Marijuana Laws Revived in Court

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District Court Denies Motion to Withdraw Deemed Admissions

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Apple’s iMessages Sued For Infringing Point-of-Sale Patent

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3rd Circuit Validates Age Discrimination Subgroup Theory

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California Concealed Carry Case Petitions U.S. Supreme Court

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U.S. Supreme Court Divided Over Debt Collection Dispute


FTC Files Lawsuit Against "Memory Loss" Supplement Maker

Source: Madison County Courier

House Charts Course to Repeal Affordable Care Act

The House cleared the way Friday for speedy action to repeal the Affordable Care Act, putting Congress on track to undo the most significant health care law in a half-century. Source: Las Vegas Sun
Source: The Denver Post


Source: High Plains/Midwest Journal

Supreme Court to Weigh Employee Class-Action Agreements

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to consider whether companies can head off costly class action lawsuits by forcing employees to give up their right to pursue work-related legal claims in court as a group. Source: MSN